Sunday, August 22, 2010

15 Days Before Hari Raya

15 days for us to celebrate Raya Aidilfitri.
kind of preparation to be done with the family.
House cleaning to be the first thing to do.
Starting from the front of the house to be the kitchen.
Baju raya later, the city wants to buy the most beautiful dress once.
Kuih raya do not forget. This is complementary Hari Raya.
Children are a special Hari Raya for them.
They will walk in crowds with his friends from home to home to celebrate together.
They will be treated to nice meals.
Before returning home will give envelopes containing money.
Really enjoyed being a child. They are most happy when Hari Raya.

Hari Raya is also a very significant day for the family, relatives and friends to apologize to each other.
When the tears too of course a very good eye water.
Getting started was a very happy day for all Muslims in this world.
Together with your loved ones celebrate the most beautiful thing.

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